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Rocky is Dead (2021)

8min   |   English   |  Dir. Drew Crosby


After a young boy passes away, his older brother visits the lake they used to frequent together and begins to hear his voice speaking to him from beyond the grave... In the form of a rock. What follows is a sad yet silly family dispute traveling backwards through the stages of grief.

Copyright Drew Crosby 2021

Rocky is Dead | Short Film
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Rueben - Nolen Sternkopf

Rocky (voice) - Cooper Elkins


Oregon Short Film Festival

November 6, 2021

The Dalles, Oregon

Official Selection

Best Oregon Film Award Finalist

Best Experimental Film Award Finalist

McMinnville Short Film Festival

February 10, 2022

McMinnville, Oregon

Official Selection


Director - Drew Crosby

Writer - Drew Crosby

Director of Photography - Draven Ford

Composer - Jay Eckart

Location Sound - Skylar Smith


Editor - Drew Crosby


Poster Art - Skylar Smith

Costumes - Michelle Crosby


Producers - Brad Crosby, Michelle Crosby

Executive Producers - Drew Crosby, Benjamin Rome, Nathan Stafford,

Nolen Sternkopf

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