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The Battle of Grovers Mill (2023)

9min   |   English   |  Dir. Nolen Sternkopf


An aspiring journalist is faced with a larger than life threat after news of a strange crash site in his home town comes over the radio.

Based on The War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells and the infamous Orson Welles/Mercury Theatre on the Air radio play of the same name. The Battle of Grovers Mill is currently in the final stages of post-production and will be pursuing a festival run in the near future.

Copyright Nolen Sternkopf 2023

The Battle of Grovers Mill (War of the Worlds short film) Teaser Trailer
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Harold - Ben Kroon


Harold (voice) - Alexiel de Ravenswood


Farmer Wilmuth - Steve Nipp

Radio voices  - Orson Welles, Dan Seymour, Paul Stewart, William Alland, Frank Readick, Carl Frank, Ray Collins, Kenny Delmar, Richard Wilson, Stefan Schnabel and Howard Smith

(All in association with The Mercury Theatre on the Air)


Director - Nolen Sternkopf

Writer - Nolen Sternkopf

The War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells

Director of Photography - Nolen Sternkopf

Composer - Nicolas Nipp

Assistant Director - Skylar Smith

Sound - Blake Fry


Editor - Nolen Sternkopf

Producers - William Hubbard, Nolen Sternkopf


Matte Art and Poster Art - Skylar Smith

Visual Effects - Ben Kroon, Nolen Sternkopf

Special Effects - Ryen Sternkopf, Peter Sternkopf

Executive Producers - Drew Crosby, Nathan Stafford, Nolen Sternkopf, William Hubbard

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