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The Lost Troupe of Lake Titicrabcrab (2024)

27min   |   English   |  Dir. Drew Crosby



A college improv troupe with members on the verge of graduating attempts to enjoy one last retreat together as a team, in spite of uninvited guests and other whacky obstacles that stand in the perfect camping trip's way.

Copyright Drew Crosby 2024

The Lost Troupe of Lake Titicrabcrab | Fully Improvised Camping Comedy Short Film
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Jessica - Eveliina Anderson

Cass - Josie Selvester

Cameron - Sophie Short

Danny - Drew Crosby

Marcus - Nolen Sternkopf

The Ranger - Ben Kroon

The Bear / Narrator - William Hubbard

The Wife - Rana Kaddumi

The Husband - Chris Raible

Charles Manson 2 - Nessie Carmilla Stafford

Crab God - Cooper Elkins


Director - Drew Crosby

Original Story - Drew Crosby

Assistant Director - Nolen Sternkopf

Directors of Photography - Dylan Erlebach, Luna Blue delAmor, Draven Ford

Sound Mixer - Kendyl Huston

Editor - Drew Crosby

Producer - Drew Crosby

Executive Producers - Drew Crosby, Nessie Carmilla Stafford, Nolen Sternkopf

Production Assistants - Ben Kroon, William Hubbard

Song Covers - Sophie Short, Cereal


Ghoul Capone's Short Film

Showcase Shindig

January 22nd, 2024

Portland, Oregon

Lake Titicrabcrab Teaser Poster 3.jpg
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