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About Nicolas Nipp

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Composer | Songwriter | Actor

Nicolas Nipp (he/him) is a composer, songwriter, and award winning arranger specializing in film and choral composition. Nic frequently collaborates with Ghoul Capone Pictures as both a composer and an actor. He is excited to continue working with the team to tell stories in an impactful and meaningful way through the use of sound and music.


Outside of Nic’s work with Ghoul Capone Pictures, he is a fourth year student at Portland State University, studying Sonic Arts, Music Production and Music Composition. Nic frequently collaborates with on-campus ensembles such as the SAMP Laptop Ensemble, The Green Note a cappella choir, and the Portland State Chamber Choir. He has written over 15 pieces for these groups alone.


Currently, Nic is in the early stages of composing and producing an ambient relaxation album and is excited to share all of his upcoming original music on his Instagram and Facebook pages.

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