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About Nessie Carmilla Stafford

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Writer | Director | Actor | Producer | Clown

Nessie Carmilla Stafford (they/she) is an LA based filmmaker and comedian. They've been making movies since childhood, but the movies only became semi-watchable upon teaming up with cofounders Nolen Sternkopf and Drew Crosby in high school-and even then that’s debatable (they’re good now though, promise). Nessie went on to graduate with a degree in cinema from San Francisco State University in 2021, and now they have been unleashed into the real world.  Society may never recover.


Nessie’s college thesis film Head Scientist is coming soon to festivals and beyond, while pre-production continues on their fantasy musical The Huntresses of Dragonrock. Nessie’s biggest influences include the likes of Peter Jackson, John Waters, Angela Robinson, Wes Craven, The Wachowskis, Daniels, and the cast of Jackass. Nessie spends way too much time watching movies, and especially loves queer cinema, blockbuster spectacles, musicals, and schlocky horror flicks where people’s insides fall out.


Nessie currently resides in sunny Los Angeles, California where they work and play among Hollywood's biggest hot shot celebrities. Nessie saw Jack Black (Gulliver's Travels, 2010) walking down the street just the other day and almost said hi but got too scared. They have worked as a script supervisor and production assistant on various feature film, commercial, music video, and short film projects. Nessie is currently training and performing as a clown, which is like normal comedy but dumber and without actual jokes

Their short film "Baby Cycle" (2018) is currently streaming on Troma Now

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